Why did you start making soap the way you do?

Due to sensitive skin issues, I had to find soaps that cleanse without the harsh chemicals. I also suffer from migraines so it was also important for me to be able to control the kind of scents and additives that were used. After many trials and errors, I found a solution for my issues and hope that it will be one for my customers as well.

Is your soap all natural or organic?

All ingredients used are natural. We try to use as much organic ingredients as possible. Unfortunately the two are usually thought to mean the same thing. Where an ingredient cannot be found that is legally certified by the USDA to be organic a natural ingredient is used. 

Is lye in your soaps, and is it safe?

Lye is a very alkaline product that can damage your skin if it comes into contact with it All natural soaps are made with lye. It is necessary for the chemical process called saponification that soap goes through. During saponification, the reaction between the lye and the oils produces a product that is safe to use on skin. After this process, no leftover chemicals or harmful substances remains in the finished product. Lye has been used for thousands of years and is the most traditional and natural way to make soap.

Will handmade soap be gentle to my skin?

The lack of harsh chemicals in natural handmade soaps allow them to clean your skin well without stripping it of it’s natural oils or causing irritation.

What is special about your soaps?

Try one and you let us know😉

Fragrance and Additives are used? Are they safe?

Our soaps are scented mostly with essential oils. Some fragrance oils that are made up with essential oils as a base are used. All additives are safe to use on skin.

Where and how are your ingredients sourced?

We only purchase ingredients that are sustainbly sourced. Meaning, that the ingredients are produced with economic considerations in mind as well as the environmental and social impact that sourcing the raw materials will have on our planet.

Fun facts about Soap

  • The first record of soap use was around 3000 BC
  • Ancient Roman legend suggests soap derived its name from Mount Sapo 
  • Saponification actually means “soap making” and the origin workd “Sapo” is Latin for soap.