What Determines Fashion?

The concept of fashion is intriguing. For years it has been a famous aesthetic expression; one that suggests a person's personality, traits, interests, and aspirations.

Fashion can include anything from clothing, accessories, hairstyles, lifestyle, and body proportions. It's something that everyone is impacted by in today's era.

But what actually determines fashion? Who decides what we wear, the trends, and what is currently "in style"?

Believe it or not, fashion designers do not entirely establish trends for each season, and a person known as a "fashion forecaster" actually plays a major role in fashion determination (as well as a whole bunch of other factors). Let me break it down for you.

What Is A Fashion Forecaster?

Just to clear it up, they don't forecast the weather! Fashion forecasting is considered a global career with a role that focuses on determining upcoming trends.

These predictions are generally made through a variety of ways, such as noticing particular fashion search queries.

They will "forecast" various colors, fabrics, prints, accessories, and many more styles that are showcased on a runway and in stores. In other words, a career that has a lot of pressure. These styles have to be updated regularly, keep up with trends, and satisfy people around the world.

Television - What You See Is What You Get

Yep, this one is quite obvious. Television plays a remarkable role in setting up fashion trends and inspiration. Think about it, you watch a new TV show focused on the 90s that flaunts this era's specific style.

Next, fashion forecasters will keep an eye out for evident search spikes for these styles of outfits, and then, they will predict that this show's popularity may have had a substantial influence on people wanting to re-emerge the 90s fashion.

Finally, the forecasters will liaise with designers and not much later you'll notice this 90s style develop within their upcoming collections. Within just a few months, a new fashion trend has emerged!

While TV is one of the biggest media factors, amongst it is also music, books, social media platforms, and politics that have a significant influence on fashion styles.

Celebrities & Fashion Influencers

Fashion - and, more specifically, a person's interest in a particular fashion - is impacted by iconic figures tremendously.

The Kardashians, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande... And famous influencers, such as fashion bloggers seen all over the internet.

Their hairstyles, accessories, body types, and clothing style are all strived for by millions of people because they look up to them as inspirations.

Our mind is engineered with a need for success. By observing these fashion icons, otherwise known as celebrities who are clearly 

successful, we subconsciously or intentionally imitate them in any way we can; to please others or ourselves.

One of the easiest things we can do to achieve this is to wear similar clothes, do our hair the same, and aim for their body type.

These looks are usually seen on media platforms (and thus connects to the previous point), such as through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

So, what ultimately determines fashion?

  • Celebrities. Their style shines in the spotlight in front of these millions of people - it's no wonder that those trends stick.
  • Fashion bloggers/influencers. They flaunt their unique taste in fashion through emotional content, such as compelling images and heartfelt words that have a direct impact on their viewers.
  • Media. This provides a way to promote and display the latest styles; without it, the pace at which people pick up on trends would be much slower, or never.
  • Fashion Forecasters. They find the best trends and encourage designers to take inspiration and develop something exciting that is relevant to them

Fashion forecasters, celebrities, television/media platforms, and a combination of them are the primary reasons that determine fashion.

Without these to guide the fashion industry, who knows what we would be wearing or acting like today?

To say that fashion has come far in a few years is an understatement. If you take a look at a photo of what people were wearing ten or even five years ago, you'll notice the differences. And now you know what determines it.


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