My Story


Oh, the sheer bliss of nature’s purest, organic, tranquil, rejuvenating ‘au naturalle” soap!


It brings me absolute excitement and pleasure to welcome you to L’aurore Organiques. I am Dawne Williams-Kirwan the founder and creator of what I know will be your favourite body bars.

Some notable dimensions of me include being a mom, sister, aunt, trustworthy friend, and a lover of all things organic.  I am originally from the mountainous, tranquil, volcanic island of Montserrat in the Eastern Caribbean. I grew up in the southern and close-knit community of St. Patrick’s with my family but later migrated to the USA because of the extensive devastation caused by the volcano, to my homeland. My line of soaps embodies and is inspired by the purity, and uniqueness of my island and will undoubtedly be your new guilty pleasure. 

Why L’aurore Organics?

Several years ago, I was inspired to create my own natural soaps because of adverse reactions I suffered from the usage of commercial soaps. The surfactants irritated my skin, and the strong fragrances triggered my migraine. After extensive research and experiment, with the right combination of organic oils and butter, essential oils and natural colorants, my hand-crafted soaps that so brilliantly suited my personal care needs were born. 

Tired of the mundane, harsh soaps you’ve been using? Then you’re ready to give the ‘au naturalle’ soaps created by L’aurore Organiques a try. L’aurore Organiques ..…the love your skin needs. Go on try it……. your skin will thank you for it!

Happy Shopping